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I’m an interaction designer, sketchaholic, and storyteller.


I’m a
Design Generalist.


I have experience in each phase of design; research, synthesis and ideation, prototyping and testing, and development. I’ve gone deep into every step of the process. I have observed that there is a chasm between each of these phases of design, and it’s important to me to stitch them together as a cohesive spectrum. I love taking a context, building the remaining framework around it and creating something incredible.

I am a systems thinker that thrives on creating comprehensive design.

Research & Synthesis


Wireframing & Prototyping


Polish & Comps




Understanding what your users

really want.

  • Feedback from our pilot.

  • Testing with the community.

  • Queery wireframes.

  • Iterations through storyboards and testing.

  • A collapsed version of our synthesis process.

  • Our participants.

  • One of our participants, Emily.

When Emily started her transition from male to female, she lost her friends, her social support, and her wife. At the most vulnerable point in her life, she felt abandoned by the people she cared about the most. My design partner and I, Alex Wykoff and I synthesized in-depth inquiries and came to the insight that when transgender folks come out societal pressure can force them into a vicious, alienating cycle.

No matter who they are, everyone deserves a physical network of people who can support them.

We pursued multiple ideas, storyboarded and tested several, and used feedback to settle on queery.

queery is a mobile app that connects people in the queer community together to meet in person. Community moderators and an invite-only system ensures that users feel safe and protected.

Each major prototype was taken back to our community for feedback, and we created a service blueprint, business plan, and ran a successful pilot.

queery is a research project in collaboration with the queer community in Austin. It has culminated in a mobile app designed to connect queer individuals together to bolster social support and to make new friends. I am currently revising the wireframes and the business plan. If you have any questions or want to participate in the queery project, please contact me.

Done in collaboration with Fusebox Festival, this research project was done to address the needs of creative space for artists living in the rapidly-gentrifying Austin.

Artists are generally on the bookends of the process gentrification—they are the ones that make areas cool, which ultimately pushes them out due to high rent prices. ThinkEast is a rental development initiative to provide Austin artists with reliable access to food, shelter, and creative space.

We found that while artists are naturally resourceful, they required a space that was as flexible as they are. Many artists know the fire codes and regulations of their building all too well as they have been visited one too many times by the fire marshall.

We identified features and design suggestions for ThinkEast going forward into development.

  • Participatory design using visualization with Legos.

  • A makeshift ventilation chamber for spray paint art.

  • A participant’s home studio.

Sensemaking, prototyping, iterating,
  • Concept Model of Ideal Thermostat

  • Concept Model of Original Thermostat

The Ideal Thermostat 

Aside from the nest, most thermostat interfaces are hard to use, present overly complex ways to achieve user goals, and are designed to be used by installation technicians, not homeowners.

I mapped the interface of a modern thermostat system and redesigned it to be a user-friendly, intuitive, and comprehensive system. The system allows the user to adjust the temperature, turn the heating and cooling on and create, edit, and delete a schedule.

Using a process of rigorous iteration, I tested over thirty users and prototyped the interface six times.

Below is the sixth and final version of the thermostat wireframes.

View PDF of Wireframes


The client was looking to reimagine their site as a colorful, clean layout focused on selling healthy gum, mints and candies.

I conducted think-aloud user testing where I asked the users to walk through a paper prototype with specific goals in mind, like buying gum or contacting customer service and incorporated their feedback into the wireframes for the site.

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Breathing life into the
final product. 

Techlife: Samsung

Samsung came to me with a request for a new content channel that embodied their clean, optimistic style and drew attention to their bold, colorful images. I provided the interaction and visual design guidance on the site as well as assistance in development.

The site is fully responsive down to mobile browsing and provides users with an all-device view of a stunning content channel.

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