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We’re very humbled by the impact that we have made in this person’s life, and we hope to impact more folks in the trans* community.

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Check out these blog entries on AC4D to have a more detailed view of the research and ideation (also known as The Spectrum Project):

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300 Ideas Inspired by the Trans* Community

These blog entries are around our process ideating around, and coming to queery:

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And these blog entries talk about our process defining queery’s design, system, and business plan:

New Quarter, New Queery
New Quarter, New Queery, New Hubris

queery: “Is it working…?” and Our Ponderous Process

To those of you who have helped us through our journey, thank you. And for those of you interested in using queery, while the project is currently on hold, I still make introductions in the queer community. Ping me at chelsea@getqueery.com or @chostett on twitter.

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