Combining engaging storytelling with practical experience, I’ve been speaking internationally on interaction design and design research since 2016 in both English and in Japanese. I run classes and workshops on design research methodologies prototyping. General Assembly, Strelka Institute in Moscow and Dadageek, a interactive art school in Texas are some of my past clients.

If you’re interested in me speaking or running a workshop with your organization, drop me a line.

重い深いストーリてリングと職業の体験を使って、国際で2016年からデザインと倫理に関して提案していました。提案の上に、デザインの調査方法、デザイン考え方、それともプロトタイピングに関してワークショップと授業をしたことがありました。General Assembly, Strelka Institute (モスコ、ロシア)とDadageek(インターラクティブ美術学校)は、過去のクライエントになりました。


Designing for the LGBTQ Community

Code Chrysalis | Tokyo, Japan | August 2018

We as designers and developers fret over the small details. In these small details and assumptions is where one of the largest failures in technology for nonbinary and transgender individuals comes. This interactive workshop enabled participants to learn how to recognize their own limitations and to design and develop better for those in the LGBTQ community.

How Gender Fluidity Recasts Brand Engagement

SXSW | Austin, Texas | March 2018 with Angela Yang, Shane Whalley and Andy Bossley

With Shane Whalley (Daring Dialogues), Andy Bossley (IBM) and Angela Yang (T3), we discuss how marketing and design decisions affect gender non-binary individuals and how to empower influencers to push beyond the gender binary. This was in partnership with T3 and the Pronoun Project, to raise awareness and sponsors for LGBTQ organizations in Texas.


World IA Day | Tokyo, Japan | February 2018


Becoming an Ethical Designer

UX Talk Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan | November 2017

A short, twenty-minute at UX Talk Tokyo talk on my own personal journey into the world of ethics in design and why ethics in design matters today. I talk about the various levels of impact a designer has on their environment and how to recognize dark patterns in your own work. A resource list from this talk can be found on my blog here.

Video Games Replace Voting

Strelka Institute of Architecture and Design | Moscow, Russia | September 2016

As a follow-up to the original Designing for Play talk, I went to Russia to speak at the Strelka Institute of Architecture and Design on experimental public games that are currently utilizing city space to engage and play with people around the globe—even around government voting. We explored projects from MIT Media Lab, AR play games and other research in making the world around us more playful.

Games as a Design Research Tool

Strelka Institute of Architecture and Design | Moscow, Russia | September 2016

In addition to the talk on games in public spaces, I ran a two day weekend workshop with professionals from various industries on design research. We explored three different methodologies on how to collect user feedback and how to synthesize users’ responses into actionable insights and results in design. At the end of the workshop, students were able to practice their own design methodologies on real people outside the classroom, obtain valuable insights about their users, and articulate them to the class.

Designing for Play: What Interaction Design Can Learn From Video Games

interaction16 | Helsinki, Finland | February 2016 with Ahmed Riaz

We became designers so that we could create things that lifted people up, cheer people on, and connect people to their friends like we did in video games as kids. In this interactive session we explore the basic tenets of video game design and played a large-scale game with 200 participants to show the collaborative property of design and games. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter under #design4play.