Welcome to my site.

I'm illuminesce. I make games, writings and art that tell queer stories and blend the heartwarming with horror.

Portrait of illuminesce, grinning and flexing

I co-created Terranova, a nostalgic interactive PC/Mac game set in the early 2000's following four fangirls and their roleplay community on LimeJournal. The beta is out now and the full game is coming soon.

Stuff to do

Site updates

The full game for Terranova has been released on both itch.io and Steam, so I updated the games page with new links and info. Did you know I have a Dreamwidth? I do. I use it for blogging, and, soon, will be using it to help run a roleplay. Pretty soon now, I'll be travelling for the first time in two and a half years. I'll finally get to see my family after being separated for a long time due to pandemic restrictions. I've changed a lot. I'm sure they have, too.

Updated games and zines, both with a shiny new layout as well as added many more game jam games and zine publications. The layout looks so much less broken and so much more easy to understand. I'm proud to say that Terranova as of now has an official release date (April 22) and I took a breather to work on this site and make sure it's up to date. Many more projects spinning around in my head but the main limiting factor is time and energy, as always.

Updated games with my new game, Costume Panic, made for the Yesterweb's Hall-O-Zine 2020 issue.

Published article The Birth, Death and Rebirth of Slash on Yesterweb's Issue #00.

Became a proud member of the Yesterweb Ring!

Made a site design overhaul and added new sections for writing and links. Also, when you can't easily obtain Girl Scout Cookies, they taste much better.