I started making games in 2005. They started off as fun storytelling devices for me, and became so much more. I enjoy using Twine, Ren'Py and PICO-8.

My current project is Terranova.

I do game development streaming on Twitch every week. Check out my Twitch for more info.


Terranova (itch.io and Steam)

Terranova is a nostalgic interactive fiction game set in the early 2000's following four fangirls and their roleplay community on LimeJournal.


  • A nostalgic interface from a time before Twitter
  • A full ten hours of story—romance! Drama! Plot Twists!
  • A LimeJournal for you to blog about your life
  • Fully functional IM to chat your friends...
  • and Solitaire to waste time while you chat your friends
  • Your choices matter; three unique endings based on your choices
  • Roleplay. Lots and lots of roleplay.

Costume Panic! (itch.io)

You are a bunny. You are going to a Halloween party. You don't have a costume. Quick, put something together before the party starts!

Made for the Yesterweb's Issue 01, Hall-O-Zine. Created in Twine. Solo game, programming/writing/art.

Screenshot of Costume Panic main screen.

Little Red (itch.io)

An interactive text-based horror game based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. There are four total endings—can you play through them all? Solo game, programming/writing.

Clip of gameplay of Little Red, a text-based adventure.

The Unusual Magic Machine

A text-based adventure made in Twine used to propose to my partner in 2014. The game was played with my partner's best friends providing live music via Google Hangouts in the background. We were happily married in 2015.

Clip of gameplay of Little Red, a text-based adventure.

Global Game Jam

Almost every year since 2013, I've participated in Global Game Jam, one of the largest 24-hour game jams in the world. Here's a list of games I've made with friends in 48 hours.

Open Your Heart (GGJ 2022)

Collect the gems / to charge your beam / and make the world feel whole again. Open Your Heart is an exploratory PICO-8 game about being a magical girl, and using your gems to save the world. This game was done solo, so all art/writing/programming mine.

Screenshot of a girl, standing in grass. Screenshot of a girl, standing in the desert. Screenshot of a girl, standing in the stars.

Treasured Memories (GGJ 2021)

A game about your memories. About your childhood. About your parents. About you. This game was done solo, so all art/writing/programming mine.

A bunny plush. Three plushes, a bunny, a dragon and a horse.

Shortcake Scramble (GGJ 2020)

You are a dad. A dad who had made the perfect shortcake for his daughter's birthday...until you dropped it on the floor. You have twenty seconds before your daughter arrives. SCRAMBLE! I helped with the 3D art.

A 3D scene with a teapot and a player hand.

In Her Eyes (GGJ 2019)

This original chat prototype would eventually become the full game Terranova. Based on processing my own grief and my loss of my friend and ex in 2014. Writing/Game design.

A retro chat interface.

The Three Monkeys (GGJ 2018)

A VR game in Unreal where a headset (eyes, ears, and controllers) is split aross 2~3 people and they must solve puzzles through teamwork and verbal communication. Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018. Project Management. Oculus Rift.

People enjoying playing The Three Monkeys. Three monkeys, Monkey See, Monkey Hear, and Monkey Do. Art by Nomi.

The Road Through Shakado Pass (2015)

An interactive fiction set in 1875 that follows three historical characters and their personal lives before and after the Meiji Restoration. Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015. Writing/Art. Browser-based.

The three main characters of The Road Through Shakado Pass.

Channel Drive (2014)

Mr. Clauthe is ruining your experience at the interactive drive-in theater! Travel through movie history and take him out so you can return to your regular scheduled programming. A driving game made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2014. 2D Artist. PC and Mac.

A driving game based on drive-in movies.

Bedtime: A Space Odyssey (2013)

A point-and-click space-themed adventure game that takes place in the fantastic dream world of a little girl named Winnie. Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2013. Lead artist. iOS. No longer exists on the Global Game Jam website.

A space-themed point-and click adventure.


MolyJam was a 48 hour game jam where game themes had to be derived from @petermolydeux's Twitter feed.

The Next Level (2013)

"There is an acorn, and it is a golden acorn. We're taking acorns to the next level." Done with a distributed team (Texas/Japan) in English and Japanese. It no longer exists on the web, but there is a let's play video Raziel Igor kindly made.

  • Matt: 3D Artist/Programmer
  • CJ: Artist/SFX
  • John Ly: Programmer
  • Sho Tokoyoda: Programmer

Game Creation Society

Game Creation Society is a video-game creation club that was founded in 2004. I was part of the club from 2005-2009. I owe my passion for making games in part to the fine folks I met at GCS.

Dreamscape (2007)

A 2D fighter, set in a restless world of imagination created by the collective dreaming of every living thing on earth. Character Art/Concepts contributed by me. Created together with the Game Creation Society. PC.

Two characters fighting.

Parasomnia (2006)

Art and ambiance-heavy survival horror that follows the main character, Theryn Hashimoto, through his fantastic and horrifying dream... or is it a reality? I was responsible for project management, art direction and story. Created together with the Game Creation Society. PC.

A dark hallway and Theryn in Parasomnia.

Arbarlith (2005)

A dungeon-crawling hack n' slash RPG. Descend into the dungeons and push the monsters back into the abyss they came from! I was responsible for the UI and character creation. Created together with Game Creation Society. PC.

The protagonist of Arbarlith fighting monsters.