Here's a list of some of the zines I've published, either through collabs with groups or solo.


Problematique [18+]

Created by a small team of amateurs, this project promises to offer adult content creators in fandom a platform to share their content, and their ideas, in a safe, inclusive, and kink-positive environment. All proceeds of the zine go to charity.

Never Meet Your Heroes [18+](coming soon)

A Gravitation (Ryuichi x Suguru) fanfic. Sometimes, your heroes aren't who you think they are...


A queer, anti-capitalist zine about social media, art and sex work. This zine features, among other things, various artworks, a comic, an illustrated essay, and a very long rant about economics. Contributed a one-page spread on compassion in capitalism.

Compassion is not weakness.

Yesterweb Zine

The Yesterweb is a community which acknowledges that today's internet is lacking in creativity, self-expression, and good digital social infrastructure. It is driven by everyday users of the internet, regular people with diverse skills and interests who care about online spaces. They publish a zine regularly on topics ranging from old web to low tech.

Costume Panic!

Created for Yesterweb Zine Issue 01
This quirky Web 1.0-style text adventure game features over seven (and one super rare!) bunny costumes for you to share and wear on your personal website. Once you get a costume, copy and paste the code in the snippet to share on your personal website.

You are A SLIME.

Hall-O-Zine 2021

The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Slash

Created for Yesterweb Zine Issue 00
In the days of the early internet (approximately from 1990-2008), niche communities like slash boomed, partially because they suddenly had a place to connect with other like-minded individuals, but also that slash makers are resilient, DIY people at their core. This is an article about the history of slash as we know it and the modern threats it faces today.

Image of shirtless Jeff Goldblum with the words Fandom Finds a Way.

Original Fiction

the space between the stars [18+] (2019)

In the far future when electricity is rare, two bold adventurers chart the patterns of the stars in an organic ship they built. It's been five years since they left Earth, and in that time they've grown closer and closer still. When you've traversed the space between the stars with someone, how do you close the smallest gap?

Space between the stars


What is LGBTQ? (2019)

This little pocket dictionary can—and should—be used by anyone, anywhere! Read it, pass it on to your friends and family, or hand them out at events. Let's expand our LGBT vocabulary together! Produced in both English and Japanese. Made with support from BGUZine.

Explaining the LGBTQIA community via zine