Professionally, I'm a senior design researcher and creative team leader. I've previously worked for small startups like yamaneco and Goodpatch and for large-scale design firms like frog and ustwo. I've given workshops on design and games internationally since 2016.

I make video games as illuminesce, and I'm half of the creative duo of Studio Terranova. Our game, Terranova, has been featured in the Queer Games Bundle, Gayming Live, BitSummit and Yokohama Games Dungeon.

I've been attending Global Game Jam as a jammer since 2013 and organizing sites since 2020. I like mentoring people to make their own stuff, especially folks with a story to tell.

Want to get in touch for a collaboration or work?

Send me an email at illuminesce (@) or message me on Discord (illuminesce).

My Twitter DMs are closed; I've moved most of my contacts to email and Instagram. On LinkedIn, I only connect with former or current coworkers or collaborators. Thanks for understanding.

Talk to you soon.