What I'm doing now

Updated May 20th, 2024

what I value right now: sustainability, focus and autonomy.


I took a sabbatical in 2023 to explore both glassblowing and indie dev, and those interests took off. I decided to go freelance and founded a cooperative with my partner, who is also a freelancer. Most of January to April was spent getting the bank accounts, accounting software, healthcare, and tax set up entirely in Japanese.

Prior to my sabbatical, my work focused on my individual production and working harder, not smarter. This year, I want something different. This means working together with other clients and freelancers, automating tasks I can automate and working smarter. I'm actively cultivating sustainability and autonomy in my work and personal life.

Releasing Terranova in 2022 took a lot out of my partner and I. For now, we're working on mini-narrative games for PICO-8 called Terranova Side Stories while I look for new contracts.

The games we make look like software, but they're not. They're part of an emergent genre called "interface dramas." As a UX designer, I find this to be a wonderful blend of both design and game dev. I compiled a list on interface dramas and blog about them semi-regularly.

If you want to see Terranova and the Side Stories, we'll be showcasing our games at Tokyo Sandbox on June 22nd.


Most of my life is focused on work right now, which is a big change from several months ago. I'm learning to keep better focus. This means reducing my time spent in front of the computer and increasing my time spent working on glass designs, spending time with my friends and partner and reading books.

My glass shop that I took classes at since 2020 closed down. After a month hiatus, I started at a new studio. I have a class there every Thursday morning.

I made a little website to showcase my glass art. I did my first show in March, then another in May.

My next scheduled show is August 2nd-6th at Potter Cafe in Koenji.

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I've been out as nonbinary (they/them) for a while. Navigating that change with my friends and family has been a learning experience for me. Most people are confused as to why I'm doing this now. I'm over thirty.

To me, it's an extension of my values. I foolishly thought every person like me had to make a trade-off: to live in society with people, they had to sacrifice some part of themselves. For me this was accepting being called a woman, a girl, a lady. I didn't think too hard about my own gender most of my life, but then again, I never slowed down enough to think.

Now I think a lot. I decided to go on testosterone to acheive a more masculine-cut figure. I've been on T since March. It's quite nice.