I do a fair amount of public speaking. I am enrolled in Tokyo Rainbow Toastmasters, a bilingual English/Japanese speech club for LGBTQ+ folks and allies in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Nerd Nite in Yokohama, Japan

Interface Drama: A New Way of Telling Stories Through Software

FujoCon 2022 online

How to Tell Interactive Stories that Pack a Punch

Have you ever wanted to write your own BL video game where there are multiple endings and your player's choices matter? In this panel, CJ and Matt, the developers of Terranova, a video game about 00's era fandom, will show you how to plan and write your own branching story and how to pack emotional punches that will leave your players wanting more.

RGST 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

Why I Made a Design Division in an Agile Company

Japan SciCom Forum 2021 online

Learn How to Sketchnote—No Art Degree Required!

FujoCon 2021 online

Digital Fanthropology: A Deep Dive into Early 00's Era Fan Communities

AQ's Ride the Lightning Talks in Tokyo, Japan

The Hidden Challenges of Design and Agile

Code Chrysalis x IDEO in Tokyo, Japan

“Is the Design Done?”: Integrating UX and Agile Intentionally

Video Games Replaces Voting

interaction 16 in Helsinki, Finland

What Interaction Design Can Learn From Video Games